Monday, 10 September 2012

To Avoid Losses in the Business, Grab the Hands of a PR Agency

Are you an entrepreneur and looking to hire a PR agency? What could be the reasons behind this when you already have in-house teams or people to handle the company’s public relations requirements? Is that your team not working properly or your business does not have any PR existence in place.

Whatever be the reasons, hiring the useful services of a public relations firm, to handle the existing brand image among its consumers as well as in the market and to effectively promote the business and its products with the right kind of public relations strategies, is supposed to be the wisest decision an entrepreneur can make.

In absence of the fruitful planning and strategies of public relations, a business or an enterprise could suffer losses pertaining to market reputation, profits, production, etc. Therefore, businesses have understood well enough the need and the importance of a PR Agency that can bring positive results and unlimited growth potential. To sustain their presence in the competitive market and to open the doors of success, business entities across the world holds the hands of a public relations firm and utilize their profitable services that avoids the possibilities of losses in their business.

Before a company do so, it is recommended to -

Select the right agency: Very often, the companies make a very common mistake i.e. they are easily taken by the attractive presentations and sales talks of the executives of PR firms. Do a thorough research on the reputation and reliability of an agency that you would like to approach for your public relations campaigns. A professionally renowned PR agency will always strive to deliver their services as per the needs and suitability of client’s requirements.

Know what the needs are: Do a brain storming session and make a list of particular tasks you want to be assigned and handled by the PR firm. Ask questions, clear the doubts, seek suggestions and discuss possibilities with the PR firm for all that your business needs. Definitely, they could then think about designing a plan and put their expertise into efforts to bring desired results.

Practice patience: PR agencies are there to help your business or the brand to become popular and known by millions of people. The public relations campaigns and strategies planned by those professionals would certainly yield results but not in a quick or short span of time. Take their efforts as if they are educating people for your products and services or spreading awareness about the same.

If you still have any questions related to the usefulness and the advantages of a PR agency, visit and get them answered by the experts.

Monday, 3 September 2012

5WPR Named 24th Largest Independent U.S. PR Agency by O'Dwyers

NEW YORK, March 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 5W Public Relations has been named the 24th largest independent U.S. PR Agency by O'Dwyers, a leading public relations publication. 5WPR, in the 9th full year of operations completed 2011 with $12,455,065 in revenue, representing 9% growth over 2010.
"We are very proud to be one of the 25 largest independent PR firms in America, and credit is due to our amazing staff and great clients. We saw growth in consumer goods, beauty PR, corporate communications, crisis PR and many of our other practice areas. Our results oriented focus, hard-work and creativity allow us to continue to succeed," said Ronn Torossian, Founder and CEO of 5WPR.  "2012 marks only our 10th year of existence – and we expect it to be a banner year of unprecedented growth as an agency. We are very excited about the future."
To qualify for O'Dwyers rankings, PR firms were required to provide income tax and W-3 forms.
5W Public Relations ( is a full-service public relations firm known for implementing cutting-edge, customized media programs designed to impact our clients' specific business goals and objectives.  One of the 25 largest independent PR firms in the U.S., the agency maintains practice areas in consumer, technology, health and wellness, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and corporate communications.  Our growth and recognition stem from a focused, smart, and creative staff that expertly communicates client messages to impact ROI. 5WPR is energetic, fast-paced, and focused. 
Contact: Ronn Torossian, 212-999-5585
SOURCE 5W Public Relations