Friday, 20 July 2012

5WPR – A perfect Agency for Comprehensive PR Solutions

Public relations are an inevitable part of any successful organization; an effective PR agency works wonders for any company by helping it to achieve its desired goals and objectives. As an esteemed public relations entity, 5WPR has been associated with providing exceptional services to many companies, including fortune 500.
It has been ranked as one of the top 25 PR agencies in the United States today. Its name was inspired by the top 5 questions asked in the PR business; Who, What, Where, When, and Why. From its humble beginnings in 2003 Ronn Torossian made a mark for itself in the world of Public Relations.
5WPR offers its expertise in consumer products, corporate communications, health, beauty, travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, beverages, and crisis communication, non-profit, event marketing and social media. It helps to reach the consumer base of the companies with events designed to capture their imagination. The comprehensive strategies of this PR firm are based on strategic marketing, good media relations, networking and search engine reputation management.
Search engine reputation management strategies are the most compelling internet tools that are used to tackle the negative publicity of the individual client, as well as their companies. At 5WPR, the focused and smart staff helps by placing tactical stories in diverse markets and sectors under a comprehensive approach to enhance an organization’s public relations and driving web traffic towards their digital presence.
Ronn Torossian helps the biggest as well as the smallest organizations with an effective and customized public relations campaign, along with reputation management which is focused on the return of investment and an effective outreach to the consumer base. In this fast developing global era, businesses have realized the need and importance of public relations in order to survive in this competitive world.
Therefore, only a reputed and reliable PR agency like 5WPR, can lead you towards success with their innovative concepts and result-oriented strategies formulated under best public relations campaigns and publicity processes.
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