Monday, 17 December 2012

Public relations myth busting - 4 facts about PR firms you need to know

Public relations involve the communication between an individual or an organization and public. A good PR company helps its client to stand out from the competition, attain a positive media attention, and capitalize on customer goodwill.

Not only this, New York PR companies make their clients understand what they actually need to hear from their consumers instead of what have they wanted to hear in order reach their target audience.

Following are some misconceptions made by the people regarding public relation firms that need busting:

1. Anyone can do it:
Many people think that public relations are a game that anyone can play and win. Some people think that ex-journalists are the best people to handle public relation in a better way. PR generally relies on two essential skills:
communication and selling. Still, if you think anyone can perform the task, assess that person in these two skills that will let you know how successful they will be in reaching client's objectives.

Although, journalists are very talented people at communication skills but they are insufficient in selling skills.

2. Advertising agencies can also perform public relations:
Many advertising agencies have tried to enter the PR world, but only few of them have been able to get success in this quest.

Remember one thing that building relation with public is entirely different from the usual task of advertising. Advertising is a paid support, which means requesting a company buy space and have full control over messages conveyed to public. On the other side, media relations agency is persuasive and work through intermediaries such as television media who reviews your competition and hence, spreads your message in target audience.

3. You need have good contacts :
This myth is just a longest running joke ever. To be true, professional relationships and personal contacts are no more or less important in PR, which is important in other professions.

In case of media relations, relationships are dynamic. The most important thing for successful PR is the ability to examine media coverage & to find out which publication is covering the client's industry, technology and topic.

4. Public relations must be newsworthy:
The purpose of most media relations is to increase the public understanding about your company and its services instead of keeping them in regular news. This is because of always being in the news for wrong reasons can prove to be worst on your reputation in the public.

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