Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How Public Relations Work?

PR (Public relation) professionals play many important roles for building the rapport of an organization, but the most crucial role they play is in shaping an image of a business. Although, public relations help to obtain publicity for the business, but one thing to remember here is that it is not advertising. A company's reputation, existence and profitability depend largely upon the degree of public support.

The arena of PR includes the cultivation of healthy relations between organizations and public. In this article, we will understand how public relations are important and how they work to enhance the reputation of the company.

Importance of PR

  • Public relations are vital as they enable businesses, corporations and organizations to build favorable public images.
  • PR helps to spread messages amongst people to earn a good rapport for the company
  • It helps to maintain the repute earned by an organization with its top quality services.
  • Helps to restore the business repute that has lost due to some unintentional activities.
  • Grow brand value of products and services
  • Helps to build the trust among people for the company and its products.
Increase the demand of a company’s products and services.
Now, let us understand how Public Relations Company NYC works to improve the overall image of an organization. The process of public relations includes a series of steps:
  • Fact finding
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Research evaluation
In the next section, we will discuss each of the aforementioned steps one by one:

Fact Finding

This step involves the deep understanding of corporate objectives. Moreover, a PR company finds the problems, strengths, weaknesses and challenges of a firm with collective efforts of its team.


Planning of PR programs is done due to following four primary reasons:

1. For cost estimation
2. To set priorities among variety of PR operations
3. To set targets for public relations operations
4. To consider the feasibility of different activities in order to carry out planned objectives in the presence of available resources.


A PR firm works by spreading information about the company's products and services and thereby utilizing variety of fast speed communication resources.

Research and evaluation

Periodic research is performed by PR professionals so as to evaluate the results for their efforts to make an organization and its products in demand.

To achieve the planned goals, a PR firm uses variety of tools such as media relations, social media, newsletters, business events, speaking engagements, sponsorships or partnerships and employee relations to name a few.

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