Sunday, 27 January 2013

Why Every Business Needs PR?

The subject matter of public relations is not new in the market. Although the ways to handle public relations were different earlier, but it was there from long back.

Let us now first of all try to understand about public relations and how they provide necessary support to reach the client’s needs.

Nowadays, public relations are misunderstood and presumed to build a favorable image and/or to improve the dull image. In actual, this is not true. This is only a part of PR which is handled with the help of marketing and advertising.

On the other hand, PR is about making an effective and noticeable change in the public image of any brand, organization or an individual by properly understanding the client’s needs.

According to Edward Burneys known as the father of public relations “PR is a planned & sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization & its publics”.

There are variety of tools that a media relations agency uses as a support to enhance and maintain the image of individuals and organizations. Some of the most common tools are discussed below:

Media Relations 

This support tool is used to promote company (along with the product and services provided by it) on variety of popular media channels like T.V, magazine, newspaper, and Internet. The purpose of using this tool is too earn media attention exploring interesting facts about its product, news, exciting consumer feedback stories etc. from the spokesperson of the company.

Media Tour

Media tour is another tool that is used by marketers to launch the products and services. To accomplish this task successfully, an expert or even a celebrity can be hired. The hired person visits the target cities and spread the word about the new launched product or service. For this, newspaper, TV and radio shows are booked to publish and display the launching stories.


They are used by marketers as an effective tool to keep regular link with their potential and regular customers. They contain information about the company and its new launches and having them send through regular mails or e-mails.


Sponsor is one who supports the event in the form of money, product or services. It can be an individual or a group. The purpose of sponsoring is just to build the goodwill and brand recognition. One important thing, sponsor must keep in mind the budget and their target audience.

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